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Emerging Needs for Holistic Data Center Infrastructure Management Spurs Emerson Innovation 

Comprehensive Management Solution Emerges from Emerson’s Own Global Data Center

When Emerson set out to build a new data center to support its own global operations, the company brought in the experts from Emerson Network Power to help design and equip the facility for maximum efficiency and performance.  The data center that Emerson opened in the summer of 2009 is a showcase for the latest data center technologies and best practices – and was even awarded LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. 

But as sophisticated as the data center and the equipment inside of it was, the Emerson team that built the data center realized that something important was missing. 

As is the case for all data centers across the globe, the IT equipment in Emerson’s data center depends on critical IT and physical infrastructure, including power and cooling.  If server equipment or traffic loads are changed, the power and cooling infrastructure in the facility must be prepared to support that changing landscape. 

Trouble is, these areas of the data center have traditionally been managed separately.  Emerson Network Power provides solutions for monitoring and managing data center power and cooling infrastructure, as well as other solutions for monitoring and managing IT equipment.  To holistically manage a data center, however, a single platform is needed that can provide “closed-loop” visibility and control for both IT and infrastructure: the ability to identify potential issues, decide how to address them and act on a solution, all from a single interface.

As it was building its data center, however, Emerson found that this kind of comprehensive, closed-loop solution simply did not exist.  The Emerson team realized that it wasn’t alone:  other data center operators are looking for the same type of holistic infrastructure management solution.  Further, the rise of cloud services and virtualization, not to mention data center co-location, made data center infrastructure management more and more complex.

“A few short years ago, virtualization took days or weeks, but today data center changes can be made in a matter of seconds,” said Steve Hassell, president of Emerson Network Power’s Avocent business and formerly Emerson’s chief information officer.  “But what happens when power or cooling infrastructure isn’t ready to support it?  You either have to build in more overhead than what is otherwise necessary, or take your chances and risk downtime.”

Emerson Network Power is creating the holistic solution to address this challenge, re-architecting existing monitoring and management solutions into an integrated, comprehensive platform.  In fact, Emerson is leading the way in the growing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) market.

Emerson’s acquisition of Avocent in 2009 accelerated and broadened the company’s DCIM capabilities.  Known for its remote access and control technologies for data center IT equipment like servers and storage equipment, Avocent engineers bring deep expertise and experience on the operating needs of these types of equipment.  This complements Emerson Network Power’s power systems, energy management, and precision cooling solutions for data centers. 

Emerson is bringing all of these technologies and multi-pronged capabilities together into an end-to-end, real-time data center intelligence solution, which can provide a data center manager with visibility extending from the IT equipment to the power, cooling, and supporting infrastructure, all in a single user interface. 

Emerson Network Power is now poised to revolutionize the data center industry with planned rollout this year of its Trellis™ platform, the industry’s first holistic infrastructure management solution.

Unlike any other data center management tool, Emerson’s Trellis platform combines software and hardware into a solution that is managed with a single, web-enabled, real-time view.  With all management data accessible on a single device, and smart filters that enable different views for different data center personnel, data center managers can proactively identify a range of potential power and cooling issues before they impact service.  They can make better server deployment decisions by having access to data on actual consumption and capacity. They will know exactly where efficiency losses are occurring within devices and sub-systems. 

Emerson estimates that if every U.S. data center could utilize 10 percent more of its available power capacity, U.S. businesses could save more than $10 billion in increased efficiency and reduced downtime.  The Trellis platform is poised to help data centers realize these efficiencies.

In order to begin achieving the benefits of an optimized data center infrastructure, customers can implement any of Emerson Network Power’s existing Aperture, Avocent, or Liebert hardware or software DCIM solutions.  Each of these solutions will migrate to the new Trellis platform to bring them dynamic infrastructure optimization, a level of DCIM that no one else can provide.

Early adopters of preliminary Trellis platform components are reporting faster equipment provisioning times, increased reliability and security.   

With so much riding on data center performance, it only makes sense to have visibility across the entire data center and be able to manage the entire center via a closed-loop solution.  The Trellis platform will make that possible and easy.

Our commitment to continually combine and advance technology and engineering enables Emerson to produce solutions that provide a competitive advantage for our customers.